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"By Any Means" cropped-ke.jpeg We need to stop waiting for people to give us scraps from their tables. We need to take what we need. That’s why I’m not asking any more. I am taking. Are we” – Captain gestured towards the Godfathers – “doing wrong? No doubt. We sell drugs. None of us grew up wanting to be gangsters and thugs. We wanted to be astronauts, and lawyers and doctors. But your dreams die quickly in the sections, don’t they, ous? So we play the cards we were given, for now.” Kyle lives with his cousins Captain and Jimmy in his aunt’s matchbox house in Sydenham. While Kyle dreams of a football career, Captain isthe gang leader of the Godfathers, his goal is to save his cousins and his community from poverty by any means necessary. But his ambitions puts him in conflict with men far more ruthless than he is . . .

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