About Kurt

Kurt George Ellis was born in Durban and lived in the communities of Newlands East, Greenwood Park, Redhill and Sydenham. Surrounded by drugs,alcohol and gangs from a young age, Kurt found joy and escape by writing stories. He identifies the moment that he decided he wanted to be a writer as the day his English Teacher asked to meet his parents. He was in Grade 5 at the time, and the teacher told his parents to buy him a typewriter as he was going to become a writer when he grew up.

Kurt started making money from his writing during his time at Bechet High School. Other students used to pay him to write love letters and poems to their significant others on their behalf. He also credits his fellow pupils as being one of the main reasons that he continued to write.

Kurt began to write a horror story in school, featuring the school, community and his peers as characters. He would write a page or two at home and then bring these pages to school the next morning. That would be the last time he would see them. Perhaps one of the earliest examples of something going viral, the pages would circulate around the school, between classes and between grades. From teachers to students, from his friends to those he did not know. He had no idea who would have them at any one time, but just before the school bell would go, someone would return the pages to him, eager to see what he wrote the next day. After matriculating, Kurt moved to Johannesburg to study filmmaking (the idea was to be a script/screenwriter) and then English Literature. In his first year at The University of the Witwatersrand, he won the Harry Oppenheimer Creative Writing Award. Unfortunately, financial problems meant that he would have to drop out and enter the work market doing Sales.

Kurt was made a Sales Manager at the age of 19 and has worked for the likes of Hollard, Momentum and Clicks, breaking numerous Sales records in his 11 years in the industry. He had also started two businesses of his own, which unfortunately did not end well. But through it all, he never stopped writing. And he never stopped dreaming. By Any Means is his first novel.

Kurt is an avid Liverpool FC, Natal Sharks,Springboks, Proteas and Bafana Bafana supporter. A massive sports fan in general, he says he would watch hop scotch if they made it competitive and if he could bets on it. He is also a huge reader and lists Jeffery Deaver, Tupac Shakur,Mo Hayder, George RR Martin, Thomas Harris, Toni Morrison, Deon Meyer, Roger Smith, and ZakesMda amongst his favourite writers.

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