Additional Services


i offer the following freelance services


Creative Writing Course

I offer an online creative writing course in which I share my experience and knowledge of how to take you story from concept to publication.


Proofreading of documents and/or manuscripts. Whether your writing is fiction, non-fiction, academic or business related, I will review it, correct your grammar and spelling.


I will review your documentation and/or manuscript, address your grammar and spelling, and assist you in making copy more effective.


I will write persuasive copy for you to use on your website or product branding. This includes tag lines, slogan or general articles.

Content Creation

I will write creative copy for your website.

Social Media Management

I will create and manage your personal or your organisations social media presence by creating and distributing content on a variety of social media platforms


I will ghostwrite a manuscript to your specifications and in the style that you prefer.

Article Writing

I will write articles for you to use on your website or publications. My areas of interests includes politics, sports and business.


Please contact me for a quote for a relevant service. Please note that some services are solely available based on my existing workload.